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Attention Hunters!!! Application Deadline: March 18, 2015

Public Land Gemsbok (Oryx) Hunts

Kiowa Hunting Service offers hunts for free ranging Oryx (Gemsbok) on White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) and also on McGregor Range. We are one of the few licensed Outfitters operating on both of the ranges and have been there since Outfitters were legally allowed on WSMR. The WSMR and the McGregor Range hunts are public land hunts and the licenses are allocated by drawing. There are numerous hunts to apply for on the WSMR hunts beginning in September of 2015 and run through February of 2016. McGregor Range hunts are normally in December or January. WSMR hunts are three days hunts and McGregor Range hunts are two day hunts. These hunts normally have over a 90% hunter success rate.

WSMR hunts are once in a lifetime while McGregor Range hunts are not. If you have already hunted on WSMR then you can trophy hunt again on McGregor Range. The other option for someone that has held a WSMR permit is to apply for the broken horn hunt on WSMR.

Public Land Gemsbok (Oryx)

Whites Sands Missile Range Dates:

  • Any weapon: Sept. 2015 - Feb. 2016

Hunt Prices:
Inclusive Package:

  • 2x1: $1,200.00 + 8% tax
  • 1x1: $1,500.00 + 8% tax

No Frills Package:

  • 2x1: $850.00 + 8% tax
  • 1x1: $1,000.00 + 8% tax

White Sands Missile Range License:

  • Nonresident - $1,630.00
  • Resident - $161.00

Access fee after drawing to WSMR - $150.00

Application Deadline: March 18, 2015

We offer two hunt packages for the Public hunts:
All Inclusive Package:

  • Transportation to the hunt area from motel and transportation during the hunt utilizing our vehicles.
  • Motel accommodations, 1x1 hunt single occupancy, 2x1 hunt double occupancy for the WMSR hunts.
  • A camp out will occur for the McGregor Range hunts due to location of the hunt area from the nearest town.
  • All meals and snacks from the night before the hunt to the end of the hunt.
  • Guide for either a 1x1 or 2x1 hunt
  • Trophy preparation (caping) by a taxidermist at the gate ($120.00 value)

No-Frills Package:

  • Lunch day meal and all snacks and drinks during the hunt
  • Hunter is responsible for own accommodations, meals, and cost of trophy preparation if desired.

Oryx/Gemsbok Trophy Gallery

Take a look at our Oryx/Gemsbok trophy gallery featuring animals taken by our satisfied customers.