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Attention Hunters!!! Application Deadline: March 19, 2014

Kiowa Hunting Service

Photo by Stephanie StuckmanWe would like to welcome you to the world of quality western big game hunting with Kiowa Hunting Service. We have been in the hunting business for over 25 years and continue to expand to meet your hunting expectations.

Kiowa Hunting Service is a full service organization. Whether you are looking big game, exotics, or turkey, we can help you get that special mount for your wall. With contacts in almost every continent in the world we can help you plan your hunting experience. Because we care about our natural wildlife resources, we manage our private lands to provide the hunter with ample opportunity to harvest the trophy of his dreams.

Kiowa Hunting Service manages ranches in New Mexico and Colorado for a total of 191,476 private acres. We would like to share with you some of our past successes and we hope to add you to our list of successful and satisfied clients. If you should have any questions about our hunts or this site, fill out our Contact page.

Why Hunt New Mexico instead of another Western State?
  • The first reason is that we are known for our elk, our numbers, our quality, and our low hunter numbers compared to other states.
  • New Mexico is also different from several states in the way it conducts its license drawing:
    • We have no preference points; you are in the draw the same as everyone else.
    • The Outfitter number puts you into a pool that guarantees that 10% of the total permits for a hunt go to individuals that use the outfitter number
    • Other states guarantee “UP TO” a certain percentage of licenses for the non-resident, in most cases they never issue that number of licenses, i.e. Colorado and Arizona
    • You may apply for up to three distinct hunts and all choices are valid choices.
    • You may mix hunts by weapon types, units, and time frames for your three choices.
    • New Mexico draws by applicant and not by hunt.
    • When your application is drawn, they immediately check all three of your choices and the first one that is open is where you hunt.
    • New Mexico only accepts online applications or phone applications.
    • Utilization of a credit card means no physical money up front.
    • After the drawing, if unsuccessful, the money is put directly back into your credit card account minus the application fee.
    • The application system is simple and quick.
So WHY hunt with Licensed Outfitter Kiowa Hunting Service?
  • Your odds of drawing a tag are increased by as much as 60% or higher in some units.
    • This is done by the higher percentage rate than non outfitted hunts and the lower number of applicants
  • Some hunts become a 100% draw by going with an outfitter and others increase dramatically.
  • We are averaging a 67% draw rate or higher for our clients, utilizing the outfitter number, the three choices on the application, and offering you assistance in drawing a tag.
  • We are a “New Mexico Outfitter” and participate in the Draw Pool. Kiowa Hunting Service has been in business for 26 years. We remain in business by being professional, qualified, reputable and respected by clients and outfitters.
  • We offer Self Guided hunts and Guided hunts. Both allow for the use of the outfitter number in the draw.
  • We offer choices, which allow you to hunt in the manner you feel works best for you.
  • We offer complete assistance with the application process.
  • We discuss what you want in a hunt, and help to customize a hunt for you.
  • Please look over the information contained in our brochure. Contact us for all your hunt and draw needs, and if and when you have any questions.

Have a Safe and Fun 2014 Hunting Season!